At Years End

There is no avoiding the facts that 2020 has been a real doosey of a year for everyone. Before I begin, I hope you and yours are weathering the storm the best you are able with the tools you have to hand. We are all on the same stormy seas, but each have our own unique boat to sail in.

Thank you to all my clients, friends, students, colleagues and supporters who have kept me in mind over the last 12 months, through the wonders and delights of New Year in our Lossie Gym Forty Four, changes of venue, closures, building works and then a global pandemic. A series of the Unpredictable for sure!

Many of you know by now that 2020 welcomed Holly into the core business team for Yoga with Amy-Clare. Initially to support me as I went through my year of blindness and then cataracts surgery (which I managed to whisper in before getting to hospital became much more of an ordeal for us all.) Holly has become (as I expected!) a highly valued team member, keeping me focused and organized as well as monitoring the social media admin behind the scenes. Huge thank you all round!

As we close out one year and look ahead to the next there is still so much uncertainty for us all. Take a deep breath with me and let's dive in with grace and dexterity. Yoga - the process of yoking mind to body, thought to feeling, knowing to understanding - is a wonderful tool to support any body through change and into the unknown. It is a process of feeling our way into better understanding and greater flexibility of mind, body and spirit. I hope you'll join me on (and off) the mat in 2021 for more.

Wishing you a Blessed Yule, Joyful Saturnalia, Happy Hanukah, Merry Christmas and a mindful New Year.

Love Amy-Clare

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