Change is a slow, caustic process. Sometimes.

I’ve been really interested in processes of change recently – and settles on a fixation with soap.  Bear with me on this one.

Soap is beautiful – artisan cold process soap making is my most recent YouTube addiction because it is endlessly fascinating.  Not least because right up until the point soap is luscious and cleansing, it’s caustic.

Yep, its called saponification.  The slow process of transmuting oils, emulsified with lye water, into soap.  Beautiful, artisan, creative, imaginative.  Smelly (in a good way) * *for more on this here are some linkies*

This makes me think.  Some change is quick, really quick.  My yoga habit formed fast.  After just one class I was perceptibly taller – reaching with ease objects which were previously a stretch.   Nothing profound, my teas on a high shelf were easier to reach.  I was hooked.  Handstands however, are a much more elusive creature.  It’s a lot of abdominal work, standing poses, lunges, glute and hip openers.  Grindy, tedious groundwork and dedication.  Then one day, you’re floating on your hands. Boom baby.  

The same is true of some familiar pains. Resting, breathing into the same old spots over and over. And over again.  Sigh.  Blah. 

So, saponification, artistry, yoga and pain.

Know this.  Change will happen.  ‘’shift happens’’ Ana Forrest delights in telling us. 

Sometimes change is caustic, until it’s magical.

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